How would you spend $50,000?

March 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

I am consulting for an academic program that is most likely going to be receiving a grant for around $50,000. Before they ask for the money they need to present a budget for how the money will be spent. I have my own ideas, but I am wondering how you would spend the $50,000 if it were up to you. Here’s a bit about the program:

40 Students
2.5 teachers
2 Americorps volunteers
1 director/teacher

The program is an alternative degree program for inner city at-risk students. Most of them have been in and out of school and are no longer eligible to receive a traditional degree. Many will go on to college, though others will enter the work force directly (construction and food service are among the industries). I can’t expect that they will have computers or Internet connections at home—or even homes.

The curriculum is an inquiry based, integrated studies, democratic/self-guided approach to education where the students are largely in control of their own learning. Learning can and will happen equally both in and out of the classroom; in the community, on the streets, in partnership with a local state university, etc…

Due to the constraints of the grant, we must spend the money before all of the teachers are hired and before the students are enrolled, so I unfortunately cannot ask these questions of the stakeholders.

This particular money will be spent on technology—salaries, non-tech supplies, professional development, and other start-up costs are already covered by other funds, so no need to include these.

How would you spend the $50,000?



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