Tweet and ye shall receive, part two

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Twitter conversation with Cybraryman1

Twitter conversation with Cybraryman1

I had another opportunity this evening to help out another educator with a subject that, in all honesty, I am not as expert in as I would like.

My quest: The school counselor at one of my school/clients is organizing a Health and Wellness Week, and she wanted my input on the technology aspect of the program.

My first suggestion was to steer the conversations during Wellness Week toward breaking down the wall between behavior online and behavior in person. How we behave is how we behave, regardless of whether the medium is the hallway, the chatroom, or the cell phone.

I then suggested we consult my PLN (Personal Learning Network) on Twitter by posing the following Tweet:

@cybraryman1 I’m looking 4 resources 4 a HS counselor. Do u know of any resources that address the intersection of health & tech? #psychat

“@CybraryMan1,” or Jerry Blumengarten, is (as he describes himself on Twitter) an “educator and writer trying to catalog the Internet for students, educators, and parents.” His web site, certainly lives up to his goal.

Jerry replied within moments with the following tweet:

@MyTakeOnIt My Tech Integration for Physical Education & Health #psychat

Our conversation continued:

@cybraryman1 Thank you, as always! Counselor specifically needs info that focuses on health hazards, addictive use of tech, etc… #psychat

@MyTakeOnIt Students worldwide share mobile addiction

@MyTakeOnIt My Cyber Bullying page: Digital Footprints:

In retrospect, I realize I probably should have used the Twitter hash #digcit (short for “digital citizenship” – a weekly chat where educators discuss these very topics). Regardless, in under 15 minutes I was able to send the counselor an email with the following list of links and resources, including a great PSA (embedded below):

CybraryMan’s page of Psych links:

CybraryMan’s page on Tech Integration for Physical Education & Health (the entire page is PhysEd, but this link takes you straight to “LESSONS and Technology Integration”)

“Students worldwide share mobile addiction” from “Digital Life on Today”

CybraryMan’s page on Cyber Safety and Cyber Bullying:

CybraryMan’s page on “Digital Footprints”

Michelle Luhtala’s ( @mluhtala on Twitter) page on Digital Citizenship:


Free Hugs… Suggested donation: $1.

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Sometimes we all need a good hug. We live in a world where we hug family, friends, and loved ones. But what if a hug could change a life?

We are bringing the LetsHug campaign to Boston at Harvard square on Saturday, Nov 5th to raise money for The Steppingstone Foundation [] and we will be giving out Free Hugs… suggestion donation: $1.

LetsHug began with a class project at the Cambridge School of Weston [ ]. A class called “What’s Your Problem?” gathered five problem seekers on campus, and together the class developed the idea to raise money for the SteppingStone Foundation by organizing a FreeHugs for $1 rally.

Join us on Saturday, November 5th in Harvard Square and give us a hug – and a dollar! Can’t make it? Want to donate more? That’s okay! Send TSF a virtual hug now by going to – click on the Donate Now button and fill out the form. Please make the donation in honor of “LetsHug” so we can see what a difference a hug makes.

Help us spread the word:
What: LetsHug fundraiser
When: 11am
Where: Harvard Square Starbucks: (1380 Mass Ave across from the Curious George Store)
On Twitter: @letshugboston (and #letshug )
On Facebook:
(Note: This post was written collaboratively by my students at CSW)
How: Hug. Smile. Give.

(Note: This post was written collaboratively by my students at CSW)

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