Tweet and ye shall receive

October 19, 2011 § 4 Comments

I’m working with a program in Boston called The SteppingStone Foundation on a new endeavor called College Success Academy. One of the program directors sent out an email to all TSF/CSA teachers, requesting the following:
Do you have any favorite academic game websites? We’re hoping to put together a list of such sites for use in study hall when [students] are finished with homework.  Please send me the names of any FREE websites that are fun, academically enriching, and aimed at 5th-8th graders.
So I sent out the following tweet (Incidentally, the Program Director is not familiar with using Twitter):
@dancallahan Need “favorite academic game websites” for 5th-8th gr. Preferably an existing list. Any help? #edchat #5thchat #6thchat
Did my tweeps stand up and deliver? They certainly did! In under and hour, I have more resources and site than I can possibly go through by the time this program ends.
Thank you especially to @dancallahan, as well as @saraallen91, @mrsd5107, and @ginkiy for their recommendations.
Here’s what I sent back to the program director:

Dan also recommended, along with several others [@ginkiy] on Twitter, the following sites:

  • and, and there’s also
  • Coincidentally, Dan stumbled on this list of top 10 sites for educational games while we were flinging tweets back and fourth.
  • Someone I don’t know personally, @mrsd5107, tweeted this list of 5th grade sites that might be helpful:  I wish I could say that I have vetted it, but I have not. In general, I find that the best lists of apps/links are sorted by categories and how you might use the tools, and this is organized that way – that’s a plus, so I’m impressed. It’s an extensive list, and I know a lot of the sites, but not all of them.
  • Here’s a list of math game sites (from @saraallen91):  I found it harder to browse than the one on “TeachersClass” but still worth perusing.
That’s a start – and it barely scratches the surface. Unfortunately, I’ve probably now given you a list of hundreds of sites, and it may be overwhelming. If so, start with Dan’s suggestions. He’s never let me down.
That’s MyTakeOnIt anyway.

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