#TeachMeet + #edchat = #edchatf2f

May 19, 2011 § 3 Comments

Edchat Logo from edupln.ning.com

Edchat Logo from http://edupln.ning.com

This week while participating in the #edchat live chat on Twitter, a few educators (@dobrien917, @ittosde, @dgburris) and I came up with the idea of combining a TeachMeet with the live #EdChat on Twitter. I doubt we were the first to think of it, and I hope we wont be the last, but I decided immediately that I want to act on that thought.

Therefore, this week at a yet-unnamed bar in JP (in Boston, MA) I am going to pull together some interested educators from the area in the hopes that we can expand on the #EdChat and #TeachMeet themes.

If you are wondering what to expect… Well, SO AM I! But here’s what I’m hoping for: Think small-scale, impromptu TeachMeet or EdCamp – VERY small (we all have to fit in a bar, after all!) – involved in face-to-face and Twitter conversations around the same themes being discussed on #EdChat live from 7-9. While we follow along on Twitter, we will discuss and post our own thoughts individually and as a group.

Still confused? Follow these links to learn more about what a TeachMeet is, what an EdCamp is, and to learn more about #EdChat by reading about it on EdChat’s Ning site or by viewing last Tuesday’s live chat.

Interested in joining us next week or learning more about our #EdChatF2F? Message me on Twitter @MyTakeOnIt and we can take it from there!


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§ 3 Responses to #TeachMeet + #edchat = #edchatf2f

  • jangoff says:

    Hi All,

    I wanted to send an update about tonight’s EdChat Face to face.

    We’re really making this up as we go along – there are no rules. EdChat’s live chat on Twitter officially runs from 7 PM to 8 PM. It often starts early, and runs late, but I know that some of you have no clue what EdChat even is. If any of you want to meet early that would be great – I think the hour is going to go by fast.

    Let me know what time you plan to arrive. I’m thinking that the best place to meet is Canary Square in JP ( http://www.canarysquare.com/ and 435 South Huntington Ave.) – I’m told they have free wifi, and it’s big enough that we should be able to get a table. I’ll plan to be there by 6, so if you are able to come early and want to have dinner, or if you want to learn more about what we’re going to be doing, please join me.

    Bring a laptop, mobile device, or just come as you are. I will have a spare laptop and spare iPad for sharing, just in case.

    Please Email, call, txt, leave a comment on this blog, or message me on Twitter @MyTakeOnIt at some point today to let me know what time you plan on showing up, or contact me with any questions.

    See you tonight!


  • Jeremy, I met Lisa Nielsen (@innovativeEDU) on Twitter in November and we’ve been getting together for monthly for F2F discussions at her place, not during #edchat, though. It’s a hike for me, because I am in CT and she’d in NYC, but it is always worth it. We’ve had great folks attend the discussions over the months, Deven Black (@devenkblack) is just one of many. We’ve even U-Streamed a few, but we need to work on structuring that part a little better. It’s been great. Stick with it, and maybe we can do a hybrid thing in the fall! Boston F2F and NYC F2F, but connected via U-Stream. Just a thought.

    • jangoff says:

      That sounds great! I was thinking about bringing it up for discussion at EduBloggerCon East where I hope to facilitate a discussion on something to the effect of “bringing in-person conversation online, and bringing online conversation face-to-face.”

      Would you keep me in the loop about your monthly F2F discussions with @innovativeEDU? Maybe I could join you F2F some time?

      I forget – did you tell me you’re coming up to Boston for @ebceast? If not, let’s talk about it more at EdCampCT.

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