#TeachMeet + #edchat = #edchatf2f

May 19, 2011 § 3 Comments

Edchat Logo from edupln.ning.com

Edchat Logo from http://edupln.ning.com

This week while participating in the #edchat live chat on Twitter, a few educators (@dobrien917, @ittosde, @dgburris) and I came up with the idea of combining a TeachMeet with the live #EdChat on Twitter. I doubt we were the first to think of it, and I hope we wont be the last, but I decided immediately that I want to act on that thought.

Therefore, this week at a yet-unnamed bar in JP (in Boston, MA) I am going to pull together some interested educators from the area in the hopes that we can expand on the #EdChat and #TeachMeet themes.

If you are wondering what to expect… Well, SO AM I! But here’s what I’m hoping for: Think small-scale, impromptu TeachMeet or EdCamp – VERY small (we all have to fit in a bar, after all!) – involved in face-to-face and Twitter conversations around the same themes being discussed on #EdChat live from 7-9. While we follow along on Twitter, we will discuss and post our own thoughts individually and as a group.

Still confused? Follow these links to learn more about what a TeachMeet is, what an EdCamp is, and to learn more about #EdChat by reading about it on EdChat’s Ning site or by viewing last Tuesday’s live chat.

Interested in joining us next week or learning more about our #EdChatF2F? Message me on Twitter @MyTakeOnIt and we can take it from there!


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