School vision for technology

April 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

I had an interesting conversation with an educator the other day. We were discussing how I work with schools to create a vision for technology in the classroom and curriculum. I was asked something to the effect of:

“What technology and devices do you see in future classrooms, in the hands of our teachers, and in the hands of our students a year or two from now? When prospective families visit with the intent of enrolling, and alumni and donors walk through with the intent of giving money, what will inspire them to enroll or donate?”

I don’t quite recall if my reaction was immediate, or if I pondered the question before responding, but this was my response:

“The technology and tools change every couple of years. I can’t tell you definitively what will be visible in the classrooms, but I’m pretty sure the technology tools themselves will become less and less visible. In any case, it’s not about the interactive white boards on the walls, and it’s not about the iPads in the hands of students; it’s about what those tools help the students learn and produce. Wouldn’t it be so much better to have the prospective families and donors see the products of student learning? They would see the contributions and creations of the students online and on their iPads – in the form of websites, apps, and art. These are the creations without which the tools would have no value. It’s not sufficient to see the tools alone.”

If asked again, I would respond the same.

Incidentally, my company, OunceIT, specializes in Technology for Academia, and I am asked questions like this quite often.

But that’s just my take on it. The facts presented in my blog are correct to the best of my knowledge, and the opinions belong to those who state them. Don’t believe something I say? Look it up. Don’t like something I say? Let’s talk about it. Leave me a comment.



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